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“A useful, original volume that helps one embrace positive psychology and bring it to their daily life. A great starting point for a journey guided by optimism and resilience.”

Dr. Ilona Boniwell, CEO at Positran, Associate Professor at HEC Paris, Ecole CentraleSupelec and Anglia Ruskin University (Head, MSc in Applied Positive Psychology Program)

“My own depression taught me to make my well-being an absolute priority. Cliff shares effective ways of gifting yourself with compassion and enhancing your overall well-being in this frenetic, anxious world.”

Geoff McDonald, former Global VP for HR, Unilever

“Well-governed enterprises without well-governed officers and employees? Not sustainable. In this must-read book, Cliff Eala argues that the delivery of transformative outcomes through a governance program is unsustainable without enhancing personal resilience and well-being. He provides insightful and pragmatic ways of nurturing responsible, optimistic, and purposeful people. These are the ultimate governance assets of successful and sustainable organizations.”

Jess Estanislao, PhD, former Secretary of Finance (Philippines), and Chair of the Institute of Corporate Directors, and Institute for Solidarity in Asia

“Fresh, clear, and simple advice on happiness, well-being, and success.”

Fernando Zobel de Ayala

President and COO, Ayala Corporation

“This is a timely book when most of our conversations are about AI and robotics. Cliff reminds us that the other big conversation we should have is how to use people’s great untapped potentials. We should sharpen our human capabilities in order to remain relevant. He has eloquently outlined seven ways to achieve this. We will survive any shitty place if only we take to heart his advice of discovering our humanity in an age of unprecedented technological advances.”

Gerry Plana, 2019 President, People Management Association of the Philippines, and Chief Executive, Investors in People

“What I love the most is that Cliff gives practical tips and ideas that everyone can embrace and apply every day. He has demystified the big word ‘happiness’ and broken it down to bite-size, actionable steps to help us through our toughest of days.”

Edie Acedera, former Global Consumer and Market Insight Director, Unilever, and author of Mommy Republic: Understanding Filipino Millennial Moms

Cliff's book is valuable for anyone seeking to enhance his or her well-being. He presents a combination of scientific research and personal anecdotes to make the book a thoroughly enjoyable read!

Sha-En Yeo (MAPP), Founder at Happiness Scientists, Positive Psychology expert and author

“In this book, Cliff Eala proactively refuses the stereotype that millennials (and centennials) are selfish, always after instant gratification, and job hoppers. He rightly contends that human nature – with both strengths and weaknesses –  can be molded toward virtuous behavior through coaching and mentoring.”

Bernie Villegas, PhD, Economist, Professor of IESE Business School (Barcelona), University of Asia and the Pacific (Manila), and Research Director of the Center for Research and Communication (Manila)

“Life is short. Make the most of it as you only get one chance to live your life. If you don’t have a plan for your destiny, then consider making one. Most certainly your plans will change but your vision should not. You will face obstacles, challenges, and adversity. S#!¥ happens. And when it does, it’s how you cope that spells the difference between success and failure. This book shows you how to stay the course. In these difficult times, taking a positive approach is the most effective way to help yourself and those around you.”

Fred Uytengsu, Chair of Alaska Milk Corporation, businessman, sports team owner, and athlete

“Cliff understands what’s important. In this book, he provides a path to stay focused, and challenges you to live life without regret.”

Nanette Medved-Po, Founder at Generation Hope Inc., and award-winning actress.

“‘Chaords’ are those who strive for order amidst the chaos of life. I'm glad to see Cliff give us practical and inspiring ways not just to disturb our mindsets, but to actually tame the chaos. Read on, chaords, and — with a prayer — maybe you’ll help us all make more sense of the turbulent times ahead.”

Anthony Pangilinan, Chairman and Chief Disturber at BusinessWorks Inc

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