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Sh*tty Places & Selfish People: 7 Rules of Engagement

Sh*tty Places & Selfish People: 7 Rules of Engagement


Life throws shit at you. This book shows how to clean it up, avoid it, and raise yourself and others above it.


Shitty Places and Selfish People. More often than you like, you find yourself in those places. Around you, or worse, inside you. You face those people too, inside and outside. When you mix those places and people, you have hell. This book gives you the 7 Rules of Engagement.


With encouragement, scientific evidence from Positive Psychology, and practical hacks, Cliff provides advice to turn your aspirations for happiness and success into reality – take responsibility for your life, seek well-being and not just happiness, build optimism, set specific intentions, stay focused, push through the pain, and nurture relationships that matter.


Shit-proof your life.

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