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I have two millennial kids, and one zillennial.

I have two millennial kids, and one zillennial. Millennials are 22 - 37 years old. Zillennials are 21 and below. I wonder what is uniquely millennial. Millennials, they say, are not loyal to their jobs and want more recognition at work. But, if my younger self had more job options because of the internet, I wouldn't be so loyal either. The younger me also wanted recognition at work. So loyalty (lack of it) and recognition are not uniquely millennial.

Tech savviness, shorter attention span, expectation to make an impact in such a short time (akin to getting a prize for showing up at kindergarten school) - Are these uniquely millennial? Once we understand what makes millennials different, how can we improve our parenting and management styles? What do you millennials think? How about the feelennials? #Millennials #Genz #Career #Job #Recognition #Instantgratification #Impact #Parenting #Management #CliffEala


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